A trip to Lathari with Luna

Luna and I visit Lathari a lot. It's a local beach area where when the tide is low you can walk for miles of land that is under water when the tide is high. Always fresh smells and things to drag around for Luna, and for me to throw for her. Also she loves the water and doesn't care if it's winter or summer, she runs into it regardless. It's better in the summer, for me, cause then I can hose her off outside, during winter she must go in the shower for that.

Here are some pictures from today's trip, and below them is a link to the gallery for just her in the image archive where even more pictures of her, most from Lathari, are. That gallery will be updated continuously. Spring is kind of upon us, it keeps battling with winter. This means Lathari is full of very big and thick ice flakes, if they can be called that. When the tide comes in, they all float up and move about again. I've been thinking about time lapsing the rise and lowering of the tide, I think that would look interesting.

Today I only brought the camera and one lens, my favorite, the Pentax K 135mm f/2.5. It's about as old as I am, and it's amazing still. As long as I can adapt this lens to my current camera, I don't see me getting rid of or replacing this lens (though I would like to try Samyang's new 135mm f/2...)

Luna's gallery in the image archive: