Some Slow Motion Samples from Finnmarksløpet 2015

I recorded a bit of video during the start of Finnmarksløpet 2015, both at the main start at Alta city center, and at the restart for the 1000km participants (they have famous people etc. in their sled from the city center to the restart at Sorrisniva). Here are some clips from the video I recorded.

Of course I used the Samsung NX1 for this, and the lenses I used were the Samsung 45mm f/1.8 and the Tokina AT-X AF 400mm f/5.6 SD Close Focus (only one clip in this video was with the Tokina). Auto focus was used with the 45mm, with the Tokina it wasn't as it's a K-mount lens mounted with the Novoflex K-mount-to-NX adapter.

The video was recorded at 120 FPS and played back at 24 FPS. I graded this in Adobe SpeedGrade CC. This software is still very new to me as I only started using after I got the NX1, but I really like the program, but I'm not entirely happy with the results I get yet, but that' sto be expected, however it is getting better the more I use it (luckily :P) It's quite a different tool than developing raw files in Adobe Camera Raw where sliders and curves are the main tools, but it feels intuitive to use.

In April now I will hopefully be both photographing and recording some video of snowmobile racing around in Finnmark, the county I live in. I'll try to get some proper sound recorded at the same time as video. I'm planning on building a shoulder rig of PVC as I can't afford to buy a proper rig just yet. The microphone configuration will be a bit unusual, but some tests I've done makes it look promising for proper stereo effect. Time will tell.