Frosty Mornings

I haven't been as active as I have wanted to be on this website, so I'm posting this now, and the plan is to keep doing it at least on a weekly basis, sometimes more, hopefully never less.

It will be various things I've photographed with some text to it. This time, it's frosty mornings (and a little night).

For almost two weeks now, I've been in Setermoen, and it's been cold, so lots of frosty mornings. Not much aurora and clear skies, mostly a greenish background. But tonight that might change it seems, both a clear sky and KP5+ it seems, so in the next couple of days, there might be a new post with those pictures.

Later on I will be writing about where I am and why, but for now, it's only pictures, but there will also be some video.

Frost Smoke and Colors in the Sky

Today we had down towards -27°C/-16.6°F which made for a lot of sea/frost smoke (not really sure what it's usually called in English, so going with Wikipedia here). And in the afternoon the sky had some amazing colors. Still just over two weeks until we can see the Sun, but the days are certainly brighter each day. I also recorded video from various locations in Alta, and might be posting that later on.

Holiday Snowfall

We've had some heavy snowfall and a bit of wind the last few days, and I've been out trying to capture this beautiful weather with both stills and video. It might be cold, but it's beautiful to look at. Here are some of the pictures, and the video will come later, I might still try to capture more of it in the coming days.

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