A week with the Samsung NX1, some initial thoughts

So I ended up selling my lovely Fujifilm X-T1 all of the sudden. The reason is the Samsung NX1. The reason is that the NX1 would be at least as good for stills (peaking for manual focus, 28 megapixels, 15 FPS, very good ISO performance, great electronic view finder(EVF) etc..), and if Samsung fixes the very cumbersome focus peaking (it has to be turned on after every touch of the shutter button), then it will be.

But, the video specs and performance of the NX1 is far beyond the X-T1, even after the X-T1 got manual video in the December 2014 firmware update. It does 4K and UHD, and 1080p up to 120 FPS, all with peaking while recording (on the X-T1, peaking turned off when recording started), and you can connect an external monitor and recorder, no such thing on the X-T1.

Don't get me wrong, I loved the X-T1, it was magnificent to use, and the pictures it captured were amazing. But I want to do video as well, and with the X-T1, it just wasn't going to happen as I wanted it.

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