Frosty Mornings

I haven't been as active as I have wanted to be on this website, so I'm posting this now, and the plan is to keep doing it at least on a weekly basis, sometimes more, hopefully never less.

It will be various things I've photographed with some text to it. This time, it's frosty mornings (and a little night).

For almost two weeks now, I've been in Setermoen, and it's been cold, so lots of frosty mornings. Not much aurora and clear skies, mostly a greenish background. But tonight that might change it seems, both a clear sky and KP5+ it seems, so in the next couple of days, there might be a new post with those pictures.

Later on I will be writing about where I am and why, but for now, it's only pictures, but there will also be some video.

Spring has Arrived

During winter time, the beach at Lathari is full of thick ice which moves somewhat up and down with the tide, but you don't see the sea much except for maybe between the cracks in the ice.
Now spring has arrived, and there are only occasional bits of ice left the low tide arrives. Here are some pictures from today when Luna and I visited Lathari to explore. I even got her to sit still for a bit, so I could get some portraits of her. She loves to run and swim in all kinds of waters, muddy puddles and the ocean, and I love how she looks when she has been playing, it shows that she's had a good time.