A Slow Motion Dog's Day at the Beach

A trip to the snowy Lathari beach in Alta with some friends and all our dogs. Mine is  Luna, the very energetic white one with black areas around the eye sand a ring on the back.

I just got the Samsung 45mm f/1.8, a small, cheap plastic lens, cause I realizes it would be nice to have something with auto focus for when Finnmarksløpet starts at the end of this week. My impression of it so far after having using for a couple of day is extremely positive. i don't understand how they managed to make something so cheap be so good. It renders sharp images at f/1.8, and that's with 28 megapixels on an APS-C sized sensor. I'm very impressed. A full review is coming later.

This is the lens I used for the video, it was my first time using anything with auto focus on the NX1, so I wasn't completely aware of how it worked, but the result was still pretty good in my opinion, these are active dogs, and Luna is a white dog, and it was snow, so quite impressed.

This Sunday I also recorded some video of snowmobile drag racing, and I'm working on that now, so that's coming up before Finnmarksløpet starts on Friday, so look out for that.