Frost Smoke and Colors in the Sky

Today we had down towards -27°C/-16.6°F which made for a lot of sea/frost smoke (not really sure what it's usually called in English, so going with Wikipedia here). And in the afternoon the sky had some amazing colors. Still just over two weeks until we can see the Sun, but the days are certainly brighter each day. I also recorded video from various locations in Alta, and might be posting that later on.

A trip to Lathari with Luna

Luna and I visit Lathari a lot. It's a local beach area where when the tide is low you can walk for miles of land that is under water when the tide is high. Always fresh smells and things to drag around for Luna, and for me to throw for her. Also she loves the water and doesn't care if it's winter or summer, she runs into it regardless. It's better in the summer, for me, cause then I can hose her off outside, during winter she must go in the shower for that.

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